What is postural deviation?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it means you are not using proper body mechanics.

it means that your posture is poor

Postural derivations may be discussed as functional or structural problems. In early stages, it may be that soft tissues pull the spine out of alignment; a functional problem as hyperkyphosis and hyperlordosis.

(source: Pathology Ruth Werner)

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Q: What is postural deviation?
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Kinds of postural deviation?

There are three common types of postural deviation. These types are forward head, protracted shoulder girdle, and anterior pelvic tilt.

An anterior tilt of the pelvis is common with the postural deviation scoliosis?


What are the factors affecting postural deviation?

i dont know kaya nag tatanong eh

What is postural deviation in physical education?

Kiphosis and Lordosis are two postural deviations when talking about physical education or the human body in general. Your question is very open ended and needs to be asked more directly.

What are postural defects?

Postural defects are with sicknessthat have to do with the posture

Another word for postural?

In the context of hypotension, orthostatic hypotension is the same as postural hypotension.

What is the meaning of postural disorder?

It is important to know the definition medical terms. Postural disorder is defined as the difference of a postural model of an individual with an ongoing pathology and the model of a person who happens to be generally healthy.

What is a postural disorder?

A postural disorder is one that affects the shape of the spine of a person. This disorder is often harmful or annoying to the host.

What is postural instability?

Postural instability: loss of ability to maintain upright posture caused by slow or absent righting reflexes

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What are the different postural defects and what is the solution of those kind of defect is postural?


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