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It is amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic to treat infections. You will have to ask your doctor what type of infection he or she is treating because it can be many sorts.

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Q: What is oramox fannin 500 mg hard capsules taken for?
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Is sorbitol used with glycerin to make hard capsules?

Yes sorbitol can use together with glycerine in preparation of both soft and hard capsules.just the percentage is different.for soft gelatin capsules the ratio is 40%gelatin,15%glycerine,30%water,15%sorbitol.while for hard gelatin capsules this ratio is 46%gelatin10% sorbitol,10% glycerine and 34% water

What is the reporting category if you change the source of hard gelatin capsules?

Annual reportable

What are the different types of gelatin capsules?

They include hard and soft capsules. Hard capsules are usually used for antibiotics. It consists of 2 components: a cap and a body. Soft capsules are mainly used for oily preparations such as cod liver oil. It consists of one piece of solid which is formed, filled, and sealed in a continuous process. This capsule is often plasticised by glycerin, sorbitol or other polyhydric alcohols.

What is the Disintegration time of hard gelatin capsules?

Generally it ranges from 6-13 minutes for small as well as large size capsules.But is is dependent upon Plasticizers ratio in gelatin shell formulation. Thanks Raju Gawade

Difference between hard gelatin capsule and soft gelatin capsule?

Hard gelatin capsules have a body and a cap. They are cylindrical in shape and are sealed after they have been filled with medications. Soft gelatin capsules are just one single unit after the two halves have been sealed. They also consist of liquids and are prepared from plasticizer and gelatin.

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