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She mentions the green taffeta dress hanging in Elenita's closet.

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What phrases is another way to express Pip's good fortune in Great Expectations?

"All of the answers are correct"

Why does letting go of expectations enhance a writer's understanding of a topic?

Planners use writing to express what they already know.

Why does letting go of expectations enhance a writers understanding of a topic?

Planners use writing to express what they already know.

How do libyians express themselves using art?

rape their neighbors daughter ...

How do i stop my daughter from dating random guys?

Talk to your daughter, and listen to her reasons. Try to be patient and express how you feel about the situation. If your daughter doesn't listen, talk to the guy.

What does ooooh rawwww mean?

U.S. Marines were the first to use the word OO-RAH. They used it to express contentment or to set expectations.

What unit is used to express the pull of gravity?

Gravitational pull is a force and is measured in Newtons, the unit of force.

What is the relationship between Galaxy Express 999 and Queen Millennia?

Mattel is Yukino Yayoi's daughter.

In the murder on the orient express who loses a daughter in the Armstrong case?

Murder on the Orient Express is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie featuring the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

What is your best sentence to say that your daughter-in-law will be loved and looked after as a daughter in a family and not as a daughter-in-law?

Just show her how much she is loved and if the occasion comes up, then you can express in words how you feel at the time. Actions will let her know how you feel!!

What if your ex opens up to you telling how he feels and when you dated didnt express as much?

Maybe he finds it easier to talk to you as a friend then when you were together - there is no expectations from you as a friend for what he has to or what you want him to say.

What expectations do sigismund and lise have about their marriage freedom and secrets?

Sigismund and Lise may have expectations of trust, openness, and mutual understanding in their marriage. They may expect to have the freedom to be themselves and express their true feelings and desires without fear of judgment or rejection. However, they may also have expectations of maintaining certain secrets or personal boundaries within their relationship, as everyone is entitled to their individual privacy.