What is omnadrol?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its a prohormone

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Q: What is omnadrol?
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Will your drug test come back positive if you take omnadrol?

Your 6 panel drug test will NOT come back positive if you are using Omnadrol. Omnadrol will increase your hormone levels for a short period hence giving you muscle mass. If you are getting tested for "drugs", you are ok.

You just discovered your son is taking Omnadrol could he be in any danger?

yes very much so. depending on his age, his testosterone levels are already through the roof. not only that, but there is a lot that goes with that kind of ph. you must have a liver support or it is possible to get a back up of bile in the liver. you need the right amount of protein, water, and vitamins. then after the cycle is done you have to follow up with a post cycle to keep your hormones regulated and back to normal. for more info go to bodybuilding .com