What is occupal disease?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An occupational disease in one that is caused by the environmental and behavioral conditions at which place a person works. An example of this would be the coal mine workers, especially before modern safety precautions. The workers would breathe the coal dust and get something called black lung disease where their lungs got plugged up and caused health problems and even death.

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Occupational diseases are related to ones occupation in particular field. So many types of pneumoconioses are observed in different industries. Where there are very fine dust particles are there. Particles less than say 6 micron size directly goes to alveolus. Till bronchi-oles you have cilia. They propel the particles out of lungs. In alveolus, you have macrophages to handle the particles. But there is limit to it. They carry the particles to regional lymph nodes. But then relentless process of fibrosis starts. Leading to chronic fibrosing lung disease. Which compromises, the capacity of lungs, relentlessly. According to the nature of particles, different names are given to the diseases. Like Asbestosis, bagassosis etc. You have so many other diseases, say like in leather industries. Causing various skin diseases, including skin cancer.

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Q: What is occupal disease?
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