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Norflox-tz is a medication used for loose motion, diarrhea and dysentery indication.

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norflux 400

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Q: What is norflox 400mg used for?
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Why is norflox used?

loose motions...............

Why norflox is used?

loose motions...............

Why norflox tz is used?

loose motions...............

Can Norflox TZ be Used for Urinary Track Infection?


What does tz denote in norflox tz?

The Tz in Norflox Tz simply means tiletamine-zolazepam.

Why floxip tz is used?

You are advised to take Norflox TZ to start loose motions and cure constipation. Norflox TZ helps to stop loose motions as well as start loose motions. Best remedy. Dr John Muller

Can you drink alcohol 1 day after stopping Norflox-tz?


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What are the side effects of norflox?

hi, well i also wanna know abt this if somebdy can please share information about this..i took just once tablet of norflox tz and suffering from severe rashes on my right hand (mainly palm) consulted skin specialist abt this and he suggested some steroids as it is a side effect of norflox tz.. curious to know more abt this

What medicine can you take for diarrhea and pregnant?

hi, Norflox good but take suggestion to physician .

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i dont know but i sure would like to know about the clonazepam 2Mg and the gabapentin 400Mg myself...

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Andriol is a medication used as another form of testosterone treatment. Rather than receiving the injections the Andriol tablets can be utilized. The tablets are expensive, though. They are not sold separately as 400mg capsules so this question cannot be answered. They are sold by the container, whether box or bottle.