Best Answer billionth of a gram.

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Q: What is ng in dosage for medicine?
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Are dose and dosage same?

Dose can refer to the noun of a prescribed amount of medicine or the act of administering that medicine. Dosage refers solely to the first meaning.

What words describe the amount of medicine to be taken?


What is dosage abbreviation for taking medicine at bedtime?


Does a nurse practicioner have the right to change a persons dosage in medicine?

Changing a dosage is within the nurse practitioner's scope of practice.

What does should you take?

All medication has instructions to be followed regarding dosage. Your Doctor or Pharmacist can answer any questions regarding your medicine dosage.

What is maximum daily dosage?

4000 units in patients with insulin antibodies

What is the dose of terbinafine medicine?

Terbinafine medicine are usually available in three strengths 125 mg, 250 mg and 187.5 mg. The dosage of terbinafine medicine depends on the condition of the patient. Medication tenure can go up to 12-weeks. Adults can have terbinafine medicine once in a day. Terbinafine medicine should only be taken after laboratory tests. Children of 4-years old or more can only take the terbinafine medicine. Children’s dosage of terbinafine medicine depends on their weight. Whether you are an adult or planning terbinafine medicine dosage for your child, please take advise from doctor and begin the dosage. Terbinafine medicine is used for onychomycosis treatment. Terbinafine medicine can be taken with food or even in empty stomach.In India, you can order terbinafine medicine at Centurion Healthcare – a pharmaceutical company in Gujarat who manufactures and supplies terbinafine medicine.

Define dosage form?

Dosage form can be defined as the way a medicine is dispensed. Some examples would be like liquid, tablets, and injections.

How much dosage of medicine is right for a 20lb Shih Tzu?

ask your vet

When the dosage says 7 to 15 mg per lb for a combination medicine like Bactrim to which of the constituents does this dosage refer To the whole tablet eg 800 160 equals 960 Or to the 800 mg Sulfa?

Since the combination medicine is combined into a singletablet, you simply divide the weight of the animal by the dosage.

Is it against the law to prescribe 20 mg?

The dosage for any medicine that too 20 mg is quite high. If the doctor prescribes a dosage of 20 mg then the patient should be under strict observation and the doctor must know the repurcussions of the medicine.

Is medicine good for your body?

In certain cases we must take medicine, but it is careful to avoid becoing too dependent on medicine, taken in the proper dosage it is Ok but over doasge is bad for you.