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only you can answer that question.


They aren't really considered your relatives, but they are your daughter's mother in law and father in law.

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Q: What is my son in law's parents relationship to me?
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What is the relationship of your sister in laws parents to you?

Your Sister In Laws parents will be your Mother and Father In Law.

What is theYiddish word for my son's in laws?

The Yiddish term for "son's in-laws" is "shvere" for the parents of one's daughter-in-law and "makhuten" for the parents of one's son-in-law.

Who are my son-in-law's parents to me?

your sister and brother in-laws

What relation to you is your son-in-laws brother?

There is no genealogical relationship. He is just your son-in-law's brother.

Does in-laws have the rights to protect the son who cheated on his wife?

the in-laws should not be in your business like that anyway. a relationship is you and the other person.. not you them and their parents.. if they cheated on you than there is nothing to protect.. he/she violated the trust in the marriage, there should be no excuses.

How do i tell my friend that her son is a gay?

You don't. This is not your business. But if you have a good relationship with the son, then you can encourage him to tell his parents.

What are your daughters parents in law to us as her parents?

Generally, they would be referred to as "in-laws" as a generic term. Or, alternately, as "our daughter's in-laws". In person, you would introduce them as "our son-in-law's parents".

What relation is my son-in-laws's sister?

There is no actual blood relationship. You would typically introduce her in that way, My son-in-laws's sister. Many refer to her as the sister-in-law.

Is it common for son in law not to be included in in laws will?

Whether it is common for a son-in-law to be included in the in-law's will depends on his relationship to his in-laws. It is likely that he be included if they get along really well.

What is the word for my son's in-laws?

my son's mother-in-law = la suegra de mi hijo(there is no single word for this relationship)

What is the relationship between your son-in-laws niece's daughter you?

You aren't. You do not share a common ancestor.

What the relationship between child and his parents?

its so annoying always telling you wat to do