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Your second cousin.

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Q: What is my moms sisters sons daughter to me?
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To you what is ur grandmars sisters sons daughter?

she would be your grandmals sisters sons daughter =)

Your daughter has as many brothers as sisters Each of her brothers has twice as any sisters as brothers How many sons and daughters do you have?

4 daughters, 3 sons.

What is the relationship of your mothers fathers sisters sons daughter?

The relationship to you would be your cousin !

In a family each daughter has the same no of brothers and sisters and each son has twice as many as sisters as he has brother tell how many sons and daughters does this family has?

This family has 4 daughters and 3 sons. Every son has 4 sisters and 2 brothers and Every daughter has 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

Who is your sisters sons daughter?

Elvis, you "Cannot William Shatner impersonater." your great niece.

Why do moms bully their sons if their sons are 21 years old?

Moms do not bully their sons. They just worry about them because they love them.

How is my sisters daughters daughter related to my sons daughter?

They are second cousins

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ur moms brothers sisters misters ex girlfriends sons boyfriends aunts!!!!

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that doesnt even make sence.

Are moms atracted to their sons?


Are you related to mom's far cousin's daughter?

No, not techenocly maybe if it was your moms close cousin's daughter but not your moms far cousins daughter.

Why do moms sometimes bully their sons?

Because some people will bully other people. Some of those bullies are moms and some of the ones bullied are their sons.