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What controls the factors of production in a socialist economy

Which of these is not considered strictly a service

Best describes the work of Herbert Spencer

Choose the term that fits this definition taxes levied on the removal of natural resources

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Q: What is multi-cultural education?
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What are the different levels of multicultural education?

What are the four approaches of multicultural education example and clear explaination..?

What are some similarities between multicultural education and Marxism?

There are no similarities between multicultural education and Marxism.

When was International Journal of Multicultural Education created?

International Journal of Multicultural Education was created in 1999.

What has the author Benedicta Egbo written?

Benedicta Egbo has written: 'Immigrant parents' perception of multicultural education' -- subject(s): Parents, Discrimination in education, Children of immigrants, Attitudes, Education, Multicultural education 'Immigrant parents' perceptions of multicultural education'

Facts about multicultural education?

One fact about multicultural education is that it teaches children about diversity. With this comes acceptance and lower levels of discrimination.

Why is multicultural education important?

multicultural education is important because it promotes interaction of race,gender and culture in identity formation of the individual.

What has the author Christine E Sleeter written?

Christine E. Sleeter has written: 'Keepers of the American dream' -- subject(s): Case studies, In-service training, Multicultural education, Teachers 'Empowerment Through Multicultural Education' 'Creating solidarity across diverse communities' -- subject(s): Community and school, Cross-cultural studies, Multicultural education 'Making choices for multicultural education' -- subject(s): Children of minorities, Education, Multicultural education, Social classes

What is the purpose of multicultural education?

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What has the author Anita Harris written?

Anita Harris has written: 'Young people and everyday multiculturalism' -- subject(s): Youth, Social conditions, EDUCATION / Multicultural Education, Multiculturalism, Multicultural education, EDUCATION / General

What has the author Bruce M Mitchell written?

Bruce M. Mitchell has written: 'Planning for creative learning' -- subject(s): Lesson planning, Teaching, Study and teaching, Creative thinking 'Encyclopedia of multicultural education' -- subject(s): Multicultural education, Encyclopedias 'Multicultural education' -- subject(s): Multicultural education 'Conceptual planning for creative learning' -- subject(s): Lesson planning

What are the connections of parents and community and multicultural society in the field of early childhood education?

the connection of parents and community and multicultural society in the field of early childhood education

What has the author Monica Jean Taylor written?

Monica Jean Taylor has written: 'Multicultural antiracist education after ERA' -- subject(s): Education, Multicultural education, Race relations in school management

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