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What a person does because other people are not suppose to rule your life.

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Q: What is more important what a person thinks or what a person does?
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What is wrong with a person that thinks people are dead?

Be more specific.

What do you call anything that one thinks is more important than god?


What is a person called when he thinks positive?

a person that thinks positive

What best describes the Anti-Federalists?

Someone who thinks their state is more important than the nation.or disagrees with the hypocritical dictation of the fed.

What is a person who thinks about the meaning of life called?

A philosopher, I doubt there is a more specific term.

How important is religion to Chinese people?

Being as how every one person thinks differently, it depends on the individual in question.

What does the idiom high and mighty mean?

it means the person is self-important, thinks of himself as grandiose, and has an arrogant manner

What is the effect if a person thinks clearly?

If a person thinks clearly,decides wisely and alert they would be practice

What are describing words for federalist?

Someone who thinks their state is more important than the nation, or disagrees with federal policies.

If a teacher says she loves you as a person what does that mean?

It means she probably thinks of you as a good person, and don't get any ideas. Thinking more then that can get you both into trouble.

What are sumner redstone's most important thoughts or feelings and why?

It is unknown what Summer Redstone's thoughts and feelings are. Each person thinks of a million things.

What does it mean when a guy tells you that you are a really great person?

that your a great person, but not a person she would be interested in dating...