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If you mean the medical term for an increase in convexity of the spine, it's lordosis, and increase in the curve of the back. Hope that helps

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Q: What is medical convexity of the spine?
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There is mild scoliosis of dorsal spine with convexity to left?

treatment for mild scoliosis of cervico dorsal spine with convexity towards left side

What is levoscoliosis with DJD in lower lumbar spine?

It is a type of Scoliosis where the convexity is on the bottom left side of your back.

What is curvature convex of spine?

Curvature convexity of the spine refers to the direction in which the spine curves. A spine with a convex curvature means that the curve of the spine protrudes outward, while a concave curvature means the curve of the spine bends inward. It's important to monitor spinal curvature as abnormal curvatures can lead to various health issues.

What does slight dextroscoliosis of the mid thoracic spine means?

change the position of vertebral colum right or left

What is the medical term meaning abnormal condition of a hump in the spine?

There are a number of possible answers, including kyphosis, scoliosis, flattening of the lordosisScoliosisScoliosisScoliosis.Scoliosisscoliosis

What does the medical abbreviation c-spine mean?

c-spine means cervical spine, and cervical means neck.

What is the medical term for anterior curvature of the spine?

The medical term for anterior curvature of the spine is lordosis. It is a normal curve in the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine that helps distribute weight and maintain balance.

What is the medical term crooked spine?

Tortuous means crooked in medical terms.

What is BSS in medical terms?

Bleeding Shock Spine

What is escoliosis?

It is a medical condition in which someone's spine is curved.

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