What is meant by selectivity and sensitivity?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Selectivity can mean a couple of things. It could be mean being selective or when an electronic receiver is selective. Likewise, sensitivity could mean the act of being sensitive or how a receiver or instrument responds to signals or to change the strength or to change the signal all together.

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Q: What is meant by selectivity and sensitivity?
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Why are chromatographic parameters important in chromatographic separations?

to obtain optimal sensitivity and selectivity, sharp, symmetrical peaks

What is selectivity of a radio receiver?

These are the 3 criteria in choosing a good receiver. Sensitivity refers to the ability of the receiver to receive very weak signal. Selectivity to select the desired frequency and reject the others. lastly, Fidelity to produce good quality of signal without distortion.

What is meant by the sensitivity of a spirit-level?

Its sensitivity is the minimum angle (from level) that it is capable of registering as non-level.

What is difference between specificity and selectivity in hplc method validation?

specificity and selectivity

External environmental factors on perceptual selectivity?"

In terms of filtration define selectivity?

In terms of filtration, selectivity is a parameter. It is 1 of 2 factors that determines how successful the membrane filtration process was.

How do you calculate selectivity factor?

a = KB/KA

What is selectivity factor in chromatography?

what determines separation

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Which medium offers the most target selectivity?


What is perceptual selectivity?

perception can be defined as a process by which individual

What makes a good electronic device?

The device having following propertis will make device good- 1)Ability to reject noise 2)high sensitivity & selectivity 3)No effect of atmospheric changes 4)Wide temperature range of operating 5)more life span