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a system that has been in place and functioning for an extended period of time.

For example, an area corrupted by fire, and damage to surrounding land would become an immature eco system, because the flow of the system has been destroyed.

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Q: What is meant by mature ecosystem?
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What is meant by restoration of ecosystem?

It mEans regrowing an ecosystem or habitat

What is meant by energy flow in an ecosystem and state its importance in an ecosystem?

when the sun makes plant grow

What is meant by abusing the nature?

by littering or harming the ecosystem

What features of mature Forest species make them able to dominate and complete an ecosystem?

Oak trees

What is a mature stable and diverse ecosystem called?

A mature, stable, and diverse ecosystem is often referred to as a climax community. This type of ecosystem has reached a state of equilibrium and supports a wide variety of species that are well adapted to the environment.

What is the mature community in the freshwater ecosystem?

A muture community is one in which all the species are well-adapted and stable. The ecosystem is healthy -- offering great amounts of diversity -- and not prone to extintion of any sort. :) !

What is meant when it says that stars have a life cycle?

Stars are "born", mature, reach old age, then "die".

What is the definition of the word adut?

I'm not certain whether you meant the word "adut" or this is a missspelling and the word "adult" was meant. An adult is a mature person who reached and certain age.

What is meant by the term biomass?

Biomass is from an ecosystem which can cause a nuclear reaction otherwise known as a nuke in MW2

When an ecosystemis said to have a gradual and orderly process of ecosystem development natural to the environment what is it called?

This process is called ecological succession. It is the gradual and predictable change in the species composition of an ecosystem over time, following a disturbance or the creation of a new habitat. It can lead to the development of a stable and mature ecosystem.

What is an independent community of plants and animals?

an ecosystem, or if you meant more of an isolated, completely self-sufficient population, then an oasis.

What are the types of climax community?

The types of climax communities are: Climax forest: dominated by large, mature trees in a stable ecosystem. Climax grassland: characterized by stable grasses and herbaceous plants. Climax shrubland: dominated by woody shrubs in a mature and stable state.