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Good habits are habits that aren't harmful to you. Good habits include brushing your teeth and being kind to other people.

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Good habits are those which does good to you and bad are those which does't.

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Q: What is meant by good habits?
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What is meant by good exercise habits?

it means that, if you keep yourself to a daily routine and strictly stick to it you are in a good exercise habit, in other words you are building yourself up to good habits and obviously exercise is a great habit to help yourself to get yourself built, trim and fit.good luck (:

What is the meaning of study habits?

good study habits is simply studying good.

What are guinea pigs good and bad habits?

Bad habits are that they chew on everything and they are very vocal. Good habits are they have very wonderful personalities and they are very vocal.

Why are good habits important in your day to day life?

good habits are realy very very important in our life

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What are the good drawing habits?

What are good drawing habbits

What is the moral significance of habits?

Moral habits are those habits which shows yours morality or yours etiquette.Moral habits are always impress to others who expect good enough from you.

What is meant by habits and traditions?

The ceremonies and rituals practiced by a person or a society passed down to them by their ancestors.

What is a good habits?

it depends on what you are reading, but in general yes

What actors and actresses appeared in Good Eating Habits - 1951?

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What are Irish dining habits?

Good food, good drink, good company and good craic

What types of twins are meant to be good?

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