What is meaning rizwan saifi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Acceptance. Good Will. Name of the Keeper of the Gates of Heaven

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Q: What is meaning rizwan saifi?
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What is the meaning of rizwan Ali?

Rizwan means Pleasure of Allah And Ali means High ......that is why Rizwan Ali means High pleasure of Allah

What is the birth name of Nadeem Saifi?

Nadeem Saifi's birth name is Nadeem Saifi.

When was Euthymios Saifi born?

Euthymios Saifi was born in 1643.

When did Euthymios Saifi die?

Euthymios Saifi died on 1723-10-08.

When was Mohammad Gulzar Saifi born?

Mohammad Gulzar Saifi was born in 1983.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kalbi wa saifi - 1947?

The cast of Kalbi wa saifi - 1947 includes: Sabah

When was Rizwan Latif born?

Rizwan Latif was born in 1973.

When was Rizwan Mahmood born?

Rizwan Mahmood was born in 1989.

When did Rizwan Wasti die?

Rizwan Wasti died in 2011.

When was Rizwan Wasti born?

Rizwan Wasti was born in 1937.

How tall is Rizwan Malik?

Rizwan Malik is 5' 10".

How tall is Rizwan Manji?

Rizwan Manji is 5' 7".