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CFN/FEI is for Manufacturing site to register in FDA ,so FDA can inspect your firm.

Central File Number (CFN): 7-digit number assigned by FDA.

FDA Establishment Identifier number (FEI): 7 to 10-digit number assigned by FDA

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Q: What is mean by the CFN number of active pharmaceutical ingredient?
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What does the word torsemide mean?

Torsemide is an active pharmaceutical ingredient which is used for treatments of for example hypertension and effusions. It belongs to the group of loop diuretics.

What is mean by API in pharmacuticals industries?

API stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. It is the biologically active component of a drug that produces the intended effect. APIs are the key ingredients in medications that provide their therapeutic benefits.

What does 10 to 1 dilution mean?

It is a mixture of 1 part of the active ingredient (by volume) to 10 parts of the solvent.

What pesticides are compatible with Kinoprene?

Kinoprene is the active ingredient in Enstar II. According to the company website, Enstar II can be used with Mavrik Aquaflow which has the active ingredient, tau-fluvalinate. However, just because there may be other products available that have the same active ingredient(s) does not mean that the products are compatible, even if the active ingredients work well together. The best way to determine compatibility is to contact the company and ask.

What does active tropic mean?

it means that part of tropic which is active i.e. all life in tropical areas of world increasing in number and diversity

What does RD in Betnovate RD Cream mean?

It means Ready Diluted. This means that it contains less active ingredient than Betnovate and is used for milder skin problems and used to keep your skin under control after Betnovate has improved it.

What does delayed release medication mean?

Delayed release means that there is an enteric coating or capsule that protects the medication from being destroyed by gastric acids of the stomach to allow the active ingredient to get to the intestine for proper absorption and functioning.

How long is htc detectable for a drug screen test?

Do you mean THC? The active ingredient in Marijuana? If so, probably somewhere around 30 days at most.

What is the meaning of word pisical?

Did you mean: Physical? It could mean a number of things considering context. It could mean a checkup, you like to be active, it really depends on context.

What does bioequivalence in pharmaceuticals mean?

Bioequivalence in pharmaceuticals refers to demonstrating that two drug products (e.g., generic and brand-name) are equivalent in terms of their rate and extent of drug absorption. This is determined by comparing their pharmacokinetic parameters such as maximum plasma concentration and area under the curve. Bioequivalence is crucial for ensuring that generic drugs are therapeutically equivalent to their brand-name counterparts.

What does IR following a drug name mean in pharmaceutical terms?

Immediate release.

What does main ingredient mean?

If you are making an apple pie, the recipe will ask you to add many different things - these things are the "ingredients". However the largest quantity ingredient will be the apples and this is the "main" ingredient.