What is maternal uncle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your mothers brother is you maternal uncle.

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Q: What is maternal uncle?
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Can I refer to my mother's younger brother as my maternal uncle?

Yes, because that is what he is. He is your uncle on you rmother's side, so, your maternal uncle.

What do I call maternal uncle's daughter?

she would be called your cousin. Maternal uncle's daughter is your cousin.

What is my maternal uncle's wife called?

your great uncle

What is the relationship between your son and your maternal uncle?

your uncle is your sons great uncle

What is the relationship between you and your mother's maternal uncle?

Your mother's uncle, whether maternal or paternal, is your great uncle. You are his great nephew if you are male, and his great niece if you are female.

How do you differentiate between grandmothers?

Maternal means from your mother's side and paternal means from your father's side...So, maternal grandma = your mother's motherpaternal grandma = your father's mother,maternal uncle = your mother's brother,paternal uncle=your father's uncle,

Who is my mother's brother?

In relation to yourself, the brother of your maternal parent is known as your maternal uncle.

What do you call maternal uncle's daughter?


Who is Father's brother-paternal uncle or maternal uncle?

Relatives on your Dad's side are Paternal.Relatives on your Mom's side are Maternal.Your father's brother is therefore... your PATERNAL Uncle

Who is your maternal uncle's only brother-in-law?

Your father.

What do you call maternal uncle in Bengali?

Mātula- মাতুল

Is my mom's cousin a maternal uncle?

No. Your uncle is your mother's (or your father's) brother.Your mother's first cousin is your first cousin, once removed.