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Men have a gene that dates back to prehistoric times. It is known as the biome gene. It states that men go to a relationship that fits them best. I assume this relates to your relationship, so in this case, you should most likely do something to appeal to him. According to most recent Harvard studies, the biome gene reacts the most to things relating to animals. Due to historic relations with monkeys, you have two options: you stop shaving, this includes arms and legs. If you do not wish to go this extreme, the other option is a monkey suit. Websites are now beginning to sell suits specifically for the biome gene, hope this helps ^^

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Q: What is man environment relationship?
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Is history the story of man and his relationship with god?

Yes, it is also the study of his relationship to God, to mankind , and his environment.

What are the relationship of man and nature in human geography?

The relationship of man with ecology is that the characteristics of humans race have been determined by the environment in which it developed. If that environment changes too quickly (as we have seen with the impact of industry on the ecology) then the human race may not be able to thrive and if too extreme, may in fact not be able to survive.

What is the relationship between man and his environment?

Man and his environment have a symbiotic relationship where they affect each other in various ways. Man relies on the environment for resources such as food, water, and shelter, while his activities can also have negative impacts on the environment, leading to pollution, deforestation, and climate change. It is crucial for man to maintain a harmonious relationship with his environment to ensure sustainability and the well-being of both.

The relationship between living organisms in the aquatic environment?

what is the relationship between living organisms in the aqatic environment

What is a term for the study of the relationship between organisms and their environment?

The study of the relationship of organisms and their environment is called ecology.

What the study of the relationship between living thing and the environment?

The study of the relationship between living things and the environment is ecology.

What relationship do humans have with the environment?

Environment is a natural location or area where humans live. It is therefore characterized as nature hence; humans has a natural relationship with the environment; in the sense of their habitation. Wheresoever there is life, there also is environment. As we have fishes environment which is the sea or water; likewise the human environment which is earth. There is no life without environment, as it does not terminate at where man inhabit rather, spans to every space where there is existence. And humans, being the chiefest in creation; takes the domineering part of creation. Humans relationship with environment is that of existence otherwise; there is no space saved for his living. All other activities done by humans are as characterized by this relationship, e.g. planting, fishing, building to mention but few.

What is the relationship between environment and organization?

strategic interventions- organization and environment relationships

What relationship does haiti have with it's environment?

Haiti has a better relationship with it's environment now that the world has hit it and told Haiti to get back in the kitchen.

What is the study of the relationship between living things and the environment?

The study of the relationship between living things and the environment is ecology.

Who Emphasized man's relationship to man?


How does the environment effects the man?

The environment effect man, through the pollution that is been made by him .