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Several things. Obviously, your skull and brain. The pituitary gland is located towards the front, between the eye sockets, somewhere right above your nose.

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Q: What is located behind the nose and the eye sockets?
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Where is the eye located in the body?

The eye sockets of the head

Where in the body is the eye located?

The eye sockets of the head

Is the ethmoid bone found inside the nasal region?

The ethmoid bone is a square shaped bone located at the top of the nose separating the two eye sockets. It is not a hard bone; rather spongy and its main function is to give support to the nose & eye sockets as well as to protect the organs; specifically the eyes themselves .

Where is retina located in the human eye?

back of the eye behind the viscous humor

Where is the lens in your eye?

The eye lens is located just behind the iris, the colored part of the eye.

When you light a torch from inside the skull from which places light will come out?

From all of the holes in it. That's the eye sockets, the nose cavities, the mouth, and possibly the ear holes.

What would be the reason for tingling of face and nose and headache pain behind left eye?

I experience headache behind left eye but no accompanying tingling. Doctor has diagnosed eye headache as symptom of blocked Sinus.

What was the plug to the eye sockets?


What bones are located within the eye orbits and along side of the nose?


What material was used to plug the eye-sockets?

Dried Grapes were used to plug the sockets.

What material was used to plug the eye sockets?

Dried Grapes were used to plug the sockets.

What is the function of eye sockets?

it surrounds you eye muscles