What is likely the result of taking LSD?

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Getting high as a kite.

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2010-01-21 06:10:01
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Q: What is likely the result of taking LSD?
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What is likely result of taking LSD?

Getting high as a kite.

What is a likely result of taking LSD?

When I look LSA (natural form of LSD) I was seeing unicorns and fish jumping out of ponds. It was rad

What is the result of taking LSD?

Slightly oversimplifying things a little bit, the result is a drug induced psychotic episode.

What do you do when you are addicted to LSD?

You can't get addicted to LSD. Just stop taking it.

What does the letter S in LSD stand for?

LSD actually stands for Lysergic Acid Diethalymide. The "S" in LSD most likely stands for the "S" in LyS.

What do you do if something goes wrong when taking LSD?

Hope you have a good friend with you that is not taking drugs.

What is LSD most likely to produce?

A different perspective.

Can you take LSD when taking steroids?

That's a bad idea.

Am I using LSD too much?

While it is difficult to say what is too much LSD, any normal use isn't likely to cause physical problems. However, it is certainly a possibility that psychological problems may develop from overuse of the drug. If you suspect you are taking LSD too much, you should certainly curtail your usage.


A drug user who reports "hearing" colors and "seeing" sounds has most likely used an LSD.

Can marijuana be laced with LSD?

It is theoretically possible to lace cannabis with LSD. However, upon smoking or vaporizing the plant material, the LSD would likely be destroyed and thus have no appreciable effects.

What type of substance is LSD?

lsd is a chemical derived from alkaloids which is from a fungus and that grows on rye It was discovered and used in the sixties after being taking from a lab.

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