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Q: What is less than 100mL of urine output in 24 hours is?
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What factors decrease urine output?

There are various factors which might decrease urine output. For example, if a person is dehydrated then they will urinate less.

What is the symptom called when not enough urine is being produced?

Usually when there is less than normal urine output it is associated with dehydration so the way it is described in a chart is "diminished urine output noted".

What are some things that weigh less than 100 mL?

100mL is not a measurement of weight. mL are a measurement of volume. If you want to compare the weight of something to the weight of 100mL then you need to say what you have 100mL of because 100mL of oil will weigh more than 100mL of water

What is the significance of urine output?

Urine output is very important. Changes in colour, clarity, odour or volume can mean many things from dehydration to kidney problems. Normal urine should range from a pale straw colour to amber depending on its concentration. In the morning it is usually more concentrated and throughout the day as you drink more it becomes less concentrated. Urine that is red at all can indicate bleeding, but some medications and food can cause changes in colour. Dark amber can indicate high concentrations of bilirubin caused by liver dysfunction or vitamin B. Urine that is cloudy or foamy can indicate high concentrations of protein or bacteria. Urine with a sweet or fruity odour can indicate diabetes mellitus or starvation. An output of less than 30 mL in two hours in cause for concern also, over 2000-2500mL daily should be reported to a doctor.

A scant amount of urine usually less than 500 ml in 24 hours?


If a patient who has had major abdominal surgery receives intravenous fluids equal to the blood volume lost during surgery would you expect urine volume to be greater or less than normal?

I would expect the urine output to tail off for a few hours due to the stress on the kidneys and the time it takes for the body to respond to the fluid.

What can hold less than 100mL in a grocery store?

a eye dropper

What is the effect and mechanism of furosemide on urine volume?

Furosemide is a common diuretic drug given to lower the blood pressure by lowering volume. It does this by stimulating the kidneys to reabsorb less water and so uncreasing the urine output. The result is greater volume more dilute urine.

Can you take after shave aboard an airplane?

Yes, as long as it is less than 100ml.

Why do the hormones ADH and aldosterone decrease urine production?

It's a rather confusing concept when learning Anatomy especially since we know that BOTH increase your BV and H20 Levels so why does our urine output decrease? You must remember that these increase water re-absorption in your system, if your body is secreting less filtrate and re-absorbing more... You're going to have a decreased urine output.

Can you take bottled water in a checked bag onto an air plane.?

If it is less the 100ml

Is a quart equal to or less than 100 milliliters?

More than 100mL (946.4mL)