What is knee current?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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knee current

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Q: What is knee current?
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Where can I find information regarding knee exercises?

Information regarding knee exercises can be acquired in two places depending your current need, a hospital if it refers to knee pain, or a gym fro exercises regarding the knee's performance.

Zener knee current?

Not 100% sure, but I believe it's the reverse current at which a Zener diode enters breakdown. There is also the Zener max current which refers to the current that must not be exceeded if you do not wish to damage the device and also the Zener test current at which the Zener Voltage is measured. The test current usually lies somewhere (roughly halfway) between the knee and max current.

What is knee voltage and breakdown voltage?

Knee voltage (cut in voltage) :-The forward voltage at which the current through the P-N Junction starts increasing rapidly is called as Cut in voltage or knee voltage Breakdown voltage :-It is the minimum reverse voltage at which the P-N Junction can conduct without damage to the current

Why you have to do current transformer knee point test?

we are not having anyother work, so only we are testing that.

What happens to the current when the voltage becomes limited at the knee?

A: Perfect example is a zener. As input voltage increases the current at the knee increases almost linearly at the zener voltage. If the inputs varies up or down then the current will vary up or down at the preset voltage making a zener a voltage regulator because of this feature

Knee pont voltage- briefly distinguish?

The knee point voltage of a CT is the voltage at the "knee" of a I-V characteristic (if you increase voltage, and plot this voltage with respect to the current flow, you will see a logorithmic type response). The knee is usually specified as 10% distortion (ie, the voltage is 10% less than you would expect relative to the current flow). beyond the knee point, the CT is considered in saturation. This applies to amplifiers / transistors as well as CTs. Transistors used as ampifiers are operated in the "linear region", or the region below the knee point of that particular transistors I-V characteristic.

What is meant by cut in voltage in diode?

Cut in voltage (Knee voltage): The forward voltage at which the current through the P-N Junction starts increasing rapidly is called as Cut in voltage or knee voltage.

What is knee point voltage of current transformer?

10 % increase in voltage gives you 50 % increase in excitation current is called knee point voltage. To measure this first demagnetise the CT and apply voltage gradually from secondary keeping primary winding open circuited. while doing this above phenomeneo will be obsesrved.

Cut in voltage?

The forward voltage at which the current through the junction starts increasing rapidly, is called the knee voltage or cut-in voltage.

What does it mean by permanent impairment on the knee?

7AS 3b seSUDtirTe'pfinciples and methodolgy for accounting for impairments of non-current assets and goodwill. Where possible individual non-current assets should be tested for impairment, ver

where can i get knee suport for my knee?

You could get knee support for you knee at any pharmacy of sporting store. Just look for a knee brace. Knee braces are great because they will support your knee and they are cheap.

Knee flexion is when the knee is bent?

Yes, and knee extension would be when the knee is straight.