What is karmic love?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are some who say that all love relationships are karmic in nature and this may have validity from the perspective that we are all one and come from the same source. For our purposes though, I'm discussing this in terms of subconscious habit patterns that bring us into contact with the same individual lifetime after lifetime, or a pattern which causes us to attract certain consequences on a repetitive basis.

In this column we'll look at what happens when we keep meeting the same person. "Coincidences" run rampant and there may be a frequent sense of deja vu. We may find ourselves in situations or conversations where we feel that we've been handed a script and we know just what our lines are. This can be disturbing, since it's definitely out of the ordinary, and we may wonder what it means. I expect that quite a few people run from a particular relationship just because they sense the repercussions ahead.

We can safely assume that we continue to be drawn to the same person in order to share learning and assist in each other's evolutionary process. The trick here seems to be that we must manage to avoid acting out the same experiences and instead, develop new approaches and solutions to life. It can seem so much easier though, to follow in time-worn habits of behavior, some of which may seem "right" simply because we've done them so often. These can include being the punching bag for the partner who has never been motivated to find a different expression for his/her anger, or being the "bad guy" for the martyr who has developed no other focus for self-esteem. Our job in the relationship is to provide an evolutionary impetus for each other to find the new solutions and not play out roles which are damaging to ourselves and our partners.

A more positive view of this situation occurs when both partners have the intention to grow as individuals. In this case, our partner can provide an objective perspective of a behavior or recurring difficulty, allowing us to look beyond our typical solutions. On occasion this objective perspective can manifest as a very loud yell in our ear, breaking through a comfort zone and demanding that we wake up. Regardless of the means, it is difficult to remain oblivious to the consequences of our behavior while in a karmic relationship.

Sometimes we will come together with someone in order to balance old debts. This is very common and can sometimes be misleading. That occurs when we believe that this is a lifetime relationship but it is actually intended to last only long enough to even an old score. I suspect that this is what happens sometimes in marriages when one partner supports another through an educational phase and then the educated partner leaves. Perhaps this was a pay-back of support given in the other direction in the past. When we look at such a situation only in terms of current conditions though, it can be very upsetting.

In the next love and relationship article based on metaphysics, we'll look at how to make more conscious use of the evolutionary possibilities inherent in a karmic relationship.

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Q: What is karmic love?
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