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Q: What is it called when you have a itchy red weak eye?
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What is the medical term meaning red eye?

It depends on whats wrong to make your eye red but if its red and itchy and discharging anything then it is very contagious and called conjunctivitis.

If your eye is itchy red and often thick goo comes out of your eye do you have pink eye?

most likely, especially if it is swolen and sore

If the eye doctor finds multiple cysts in the neuvo located on the eye of a teenager what does that mean?

itchy red eyes puffy under the eyes

You have these red itchy bumps on your buttocks and the around your anus what are they?

its called hemroids

What does it mean when your eye hurts when you blink and its pinkish red?

Probably not. Pink eye causes drainage from your eye and will make it watery and may even cause yellow/green puss to drain from your eye. Your eye will also be red and itchy.

What is pink eye, and what are its symptoms?

It is a disease caused by a virus or bacteria and the symptoms include sore and itchy eyes, a yellow discharge fro the eye and a red or swollen appearance.

What should be done for itchy eyelids?

It depends on the characteristics. If the symptoms seems to be allergy related (itchy, watery, red), an over the counter antihistamine could help. If they are itchy from dryness try an over the counter eye drop such as visine for added moisture.

What planet have they called the red eye?

No planet has been called the red eye. However, Mars is often referred to as the Red planet and Jupiter has a giant red spot.

What would happen if we didn't have eye drops?

A lot of people would have very red, itchy, irritated eyes. Visine ROCKS.

How do you get red eye?

To get a red eye is something that nobody wants. However certain amount of bacteria has to get in the eye to become irritated, itchy, swollen and red. This can lead to pink eye or conjunctivitis, a disease in the eye that is extremely contagious. But people who dont sanitize their hands for example, touch their eyes and later get symptons and the disease as well. Medication such as eyedrops might get rid of it.

Is Jupiter called the red eye?


What is called for the skin disease that started with red itchy spots and become wounds?

necrobiosis diabeticorum