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Seperation; Split; Dis-Engaged

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Q: What is it called when you divorce while engaged?
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Can you get engaged while you still married?

Yes, but your current spouse has much stronger grounds for divorce. So, it's legal, but incredibly stupid.

Can you get engaged before your divorce is final in New York?

only Ethan can

When did Sheryl Crow divorce Lance Armstrong?

They were never married. They were only engaged.

Can you get engaged if you are not divorced in uk?

Yes - but you cannot get re-married until your divorce is finalised.

What is it called after you are engaged?

It is called your 'affiancy'

Is breaking up with girlfriend called a divorce?

NO, breaking up with girlfriend is NOT called a divorce. It is called breaking up.

Can an Indian married man get engaged to other woman without divorce?

Easy answer--absolutely not! Stupid question...

Can you get engaged while still married but you have been separated for 7 months?

Of course you can! "Engaged" means that you are planning to marry someone. You can plan to re-marry even though you are married to someone else. Answer: Engagement is just a promise or statement of intent. It has no real legal standing or requirement. It would, however, be good to let the "intended" know that you're waiting for the divorce. If being engaged shows an intent to enter into a contract. Then (where polygamy is illegal) you are also showing wilful intent to breach your current contract of marriage to the person you are currently married to if you have not filed for divorce. I am sure this would have legal implications on financial settlements and child custody arrangements. There are also etiquette questions about announcing an engagement before a divorce is final. It might be considered rather tacky to announce you are engaged to someone else while still married to a current spouse.

What is it called when people get a divorce that does not place blame on either person?

When people get a divorce that does not place blame on either person is called no-fault divorce!

What is about to get married called?

You are engaged.

What are guys called when they are engaged?

I do not believe there is a name for that...

Can you remarry in a different country while getting a divorce in California?

No. Remarrying in a different country while getting a divorce in California is called bigamy. It is a felony. If you come back to California for any reason and have two spouses, you can end up in prison. Your spouse can take every thing you have.