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The fear of coyotes is called agrizoophobia. This is a fear of wild animals and can be the name for many different animal fears.

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Q: What is it called when you are scared of coyotes?
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Do coyotes crawl?

When they are scared or are sneaking up on something

Are coyotes scared of fireworks?

More than likely they are scared of everything.

What are rabbits scared of?

do not make shout of your rabbit, or else, they will be depressed.

What are coyotes scared of?

coyotes are afraid of humans and are only comfortable around us if we feed them. SO NEVER FEED COYOTES!

What is the human impact on coyotes?

well coyotes are more scared of people than we are of coyotes and no they don't kill or eat people

Why am I so scared of coyotes?

You or humans are very scared of coyotes because coyotes have sharp teeth and claws! They can also run very fast and maybe because humans are afraid of dying and what to live your life!

What is the name of a child's book about a great dane dog that is scared of the coyotes across the fence?

Watchdog and the Coyotes

What are baby coyotes?

Baby coyotes are called pups.

What is a group of coyotes calles?

A group of coyotes is called a band, a pack or a routA group of coyotes is called a band.I say it's a band pack or rout

What are a coyotes teeth called?

Coyotes do not have a special name for their teeth, they are simply called teeth.

What was the name of wild coyotes before it was wild coyotes?

Coyotes are also called prairie wolves.

How are coyotes protected?

Coyotes are protected by the Coyote God called Azarabachu