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Side effect.

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Q: What is it called if any effect that is caused by a drug and that is different from the drug's intended effort?
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What is intended effects?

An intended effect is something that will effect something.

What is the medical term meaning treatment that is meant to cure or be helpful but harms the patient instead?

Generally speaking, any medical action which was intended to be helpful can instead lead to a complication or complications.

What is the turning effect moment of the load?

The turning effect, caused from force, is called The moment of a force.

Erosion caused by the sandblasting effect of windblown sediments is called?


What is an induced effect that is the exact opposite of that which was therapeutically intended?

A paradoxical effect is one that is the opposite of that which was therapeutically intended.

What are huge circles of moving water called caused by wind belts and the coriolis effect called?

wave pools

The apparent shift in wind direction that is caused by the earth's rotation is called?

The Coriolis effect

The apparent shift in wind direction that is caused by the earths rotation is called the?

Coriolis effect

Can you give me a sentence using the word effect?

An effect is the consequence of an action. Example sentences: Ice's intended effect on a sprained ankle is to reduce swelling. Medications can have the effect of curing illness, such as an antibiotic, or relieving the symptoms of illness, such as aspirin. Some medications have unintended negative effects called side effects. NOTE: The meaning of "effect" is quite different than the meaning of "affect".

What is the The warming of earth caused by atmosphere trapping thermal energy from the sun called?

greenhouse effect

Is Coriolis effect caused by tornadoes?

No, the Coriolis effect is caused by Earth's rotation.

What is the change in frequency of a sound due to motion of the source?

The change in frequency is caused by the Doppler Effect