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All of the above in Apex. (:

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Q: What is it a good idea to explore the health and fitness field in terms of career options?
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Which is not a career in health and fitness field?


What career do you get by putting health and fitness and medicine together?

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on health and fitness. It also is the specialty that works with injuries and rehabilitation.

Why do you want to pursue a career in health care?

Because today's health care has emerged as one of the most growing fields which have opened doors to explore different career and job opportunities. And also because it is rewarding to help others. In fact, in next few years around 40% growth rates are expected in health care fields. You may browse the link(s) below for more information about the various career options in health care sectors.

What career options medical degree MBBS?

With a medical degree MBBS you will have plenty of career options. For example, general medicine, surgery, public health, pediatrics, and psychiatry are just a few of the career opportunities you'd have in this specific field.Ê

How is health fitness and trainer program?

NPTI provides personal fitness training. Personal Training courses from the National Personal Training Institute will prepare you for a successful career as a Personal Trainer! With America becoming more aware of the relationship physical fitness has on one's long term health, there is a need for further knowledge and understanding of fitness; thus, rapidly increasing the personal training and fitness importance in society.

Where can one get information on careers in health care?

You can get information on careers in health care when you go to websites like Explore Health Careers, AMA Assn, National Careers Service, Career Builder, etc.

What are advantages of joining a fitness center or health club?

What are the advantages of joining a fitness center or health club ? What are the advantages of joining a fitness center or health club ?

What has the author Werner W K Hoeger written?

Werner W. K. Hoeger has written: 'Health and Fitness & Wellness Explorer, A Guide to Resources on the Internet' 'Wellness' -- subject(s): Exercise, Health, Health promotion, Physical fitness 'Lifetime physical fitness and wellness' -- subject(s): Health promotion, Health behavior, Exercise, Physical fitness 'Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness and Wellness' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Exercise, Physical fitness 'Principles and laboratories for physcial fitness & wellness' -- subject(s): Health, Physical fitness 'Fitness and wellness' -- subject(s): Health, Physical fitness 'Principles and labs for fitness and wellness' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Health, Physical fitness

When was the Health and Fitness magazine launched?

There are a few different magazines regarding Health & Fitness. There is the Health and Sports Fitness magazine and Women's Health and Fitness. Extensive research has not provided an actual launch date for either of these magazines. There is a "Women's Health" magazine that also includes fitness articles and this magazine was launched in 2005.

Which magazines offer dieting tips?

Many magazines on the market today offer dieting tips. Some magazines you may want to explore are: Self, Shape, Health, Cooking Light, Fitness, and Women's Health.

Do fitness instructors need a certification?

Obviously…. In earlier days of your career no one knows you as a fitness instructor. It’s the matter of health, so certification is mandatory to you. Once you got the name in the society no will ask your certification.

Why is it a good idea to explore health and fitness field in terms of career options?

Thirty years to fifty years ago, the primary jobs in health were in hospitals or doctors' offices. This made it difficult to find jobs, especially in smaller towns. There were no "fitness" businesses, except for YWCA and YMCA.Compared to 30 years ago, the health and fitness field is now vast. There are many entry-level jobs that high school graduates can qualify for and then can work their way into other departments or areas. Training is often provided, with pay.You can find jobs in:hospitalshospital clinicsfree-standing private clinicsState run clinics, such as Well Babymedical transportation - gurney in hospitalsmedical transportation - driving vehiclesmedical security jobsdoctors' officesmedical receptionistsmedical assistantsnursingnursing assistants; CNAs, STNAscleaning stafffitness locations - too many to list