What is intubated?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Intubation is a procedure in which a trained medical specialist inserts a tube into an internal or external opening or orifice.

Usually intubation refers to the placement of a breathing tube to secure an airway. The most common type of this intubation is endotracheal intubation. In this type of intubation, an ET (endotracheal) tube is passed through the mouth or nose and into the airway to allow air to be passed through to the lungs. This can be done by "bagging," the use of a medical airbag to infuse air, or by mechanical ventilation in which the patient is hooked to a machine (ventilator) which passes air into the lungs by presets on the machine.

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It means "to stick a tube in something", usually a living thing, to provide air, fluids, or drain the same.

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Q: What is intubated?
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Do you have to be intubated for general anesthesia?


Does a patient feel the tube if they are intubated?

noone really knows because the sedation produces amnesia the intubated patient could go through hell but they wont remember it not very comforting

Why do you need to insert a nasogastric tube for an intubated patient?

A patient who is intubated cannot eat because of the tube in their throat. A feeding tube in the nose, mouth or stomach allows the doctors to pump food into the patient's stomach.

Why would you be intubated while awake?

a large number of reasons, i would list them but it would take awhile.

What do you do after a patient has been intubated during two person CPR?

After a person has been intubated, chest compressions are no longer interrupted to do ventilations. Instead, chest compressions are done continuously, and ventilations are done simultaneously at a rate of one breath every 6 to 8 seconds. This is because now that the patient is intubated, (assuming placement of the tube has been confirmed) the airway is open, so the rescuers no longer have to stop compressions to open the airway and check for chest rise.

How can you use supination in a sentence?

The runner's supination of their foot caused pain in their ankle.

How is thoracic surgery done?

The patient is placed under general anesthesia and endotracheally intubated for the procedure. The procedure followed varies according to the purpose of the surgery. An incision that opens the chest (thoracotomy) is frequently performed.

What other patients should not undergo stomach flushing?

Stomach flushing should also not be done on patients who are having convulsions. Patients who are losing or have lost consciousness must have their airways intubated before a nasogastric tube is inserted

Do you swallow during surgery?

No. While under anesthesia, you ( the patient) are intubated ( which means there is a tube down your throat to facilitate breathing for the unconscious patient ), and any saliva produced is suctioned away to prevent complications when the patient is being extubated.

When a patient needs both intubated and a gastric tube can either a NG or a OG be used for the gastric tube?

NG (nasal) generally have smaller lumen. An OG (oral) has a larger lumen size. They shouldn't be interchanged. Check the lumen sizes.

Why 6 month old pug started excessive drooling 2 days after spay?

This is most likely a reaction the the anesthetic or being intubated. You should call your vet. Since it was 2 days later if could be possible that your dog ate something that it was allergic to and that it is unrelated.

What is the word they use when you're in the hospital and cant talk or move?

The term used in the hospital when a patient is unable to talk or move is "intubated." This procedure involves placing a tube into the patient's airway to assist with breathing and communication.