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According to leading philosophers and teachers our intellectual faculties are those gifts of the mind that distinguishes us as co-creators. They are as follows: * Perception * Will * Imagination * Memory * Intuition * Reason We can all develop and use these to a high degree and create wonderful things.

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intellectual capability is having the ability to reason, understand logic,ask questions, discuss and debate topics, communicate fluently, provide effective input etc

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Q: What is intellectual capability?
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How do you become the smartest girl in class?

First you need to be born with the intellectual capability and then you need to study really hard.

Why did the creation of the industrial society create such a greater imbalance of social inequality?

Intellectual capability increased with advances in science and technology.

Capability should be followed by which preposition?

The noun capability is normally followed by the preposition 'for'. Example: The capability for humor will take you a long way in this job. As a runner, he is fortunate to have a capability for endurance. My capability for mechanical things is sorely lacking; I'm more of an intellectual genius. Note: The adjective form, capable, is normally followed by the preposition 'of'. Example: I need a sewing machine capable of embroidery stitches.

How do you spell ikiw?

This is likely the term IQ (I.Q.), which is spelled with or without periods, meaning "intelligence quotient", a comparison of the intellectual capability of individuals.

When IQ tests were first developed in the early 1900s they had a tendency to measure cultural traits more than intellectual capability?

They lacked validity, which made their reliability insignificant.

Was entertainment the same for children as adults?

Of course not the same. The type of entertainment depends on one's age and degree of maturity, his/her intellectual capabilities, and degree of strength, body flexibility and physical body capability (for physical entertainment types).

What are the businesses four mechanisms for offering and maintaining uniqueness?

Financial or economic capability Product capability Technical capability Organizational capability

What are the comparative and superlative forms of the word intellectual?

more intellectual, most intellectual

Are squids intellectual?

intellectual is relative

What is the difference between intellectual property rights and intellectual property law?

Intellectual property law defines intellectual property rights.

How can you use the word capability in a sentence?

I have the capability to answer this question

What is a sentence with intellectual honesty?

Universities demand students comply with standards of intellectual honesty.Cheating violates intellectual honesty.Plagiarism violates intellectual honesty.