What is hepatic impairment?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Impairment of the liver

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Q: What is hepatic impairment?
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What is diffuse hepatic steatosis?

Also called "fatty liver," diffuse hepatic steatosis is a condition where fat is stored in the liver due to an accumulation of lipids like triglycerides. The main cause is diminished metabolism of fatty acids caused by the impairment of certain enzymes and receptors, insulin resistance, or the overconsumption of alcohol.

Is 1500 mg of robaxin too much?

Assuming you are an adult (not elderly, not a child) human, you don't have renal or hepatic impairment, you aren't taking another CNS depressant...yes. Oops...and not pregnant.

What veins drain the liver?


Why might elderly people need lower doses of medicines tnan normal?

Elderly people have agreater risk of a build up medicines in their body tissues because the liver is less efficient at breaking medicines down and the kidneys are less efficient at excreting them.

Does ligation of hepatic artery cause hepatic infarction?


What is unusual about the hepatic portal vein?

The hepatic portal vein in frogs is unusual in that it is divided into two portals, the hepatic and the renal. In higher vertebrates, the hepatic portal system is the only one present.

What organ does hepatic refer to?

Hepatic refers to the liver.

What is A vein that sends blood to hepatic capillaries?

hepatic portal vein

What is attached to the hepatic duct?

Hepatic duct is attached with liver. The union of hepatic duct and cystic duct forms common bile duct.

Why does the hepatic vein contain more glucose before eating?

After eating, glucose is greater in the hepatic portal vein than in the hepatic vein . Hepatic vein contain more glucose before eating, because the stomach is empty .

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