What is health monitoring?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Health monitoring is a term used to describe when someone goes to the doctor regularly for checkups and when they need medical attention. Monitoring the health can reduce the onset of certain medical conditions.

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Health Monitoring is a way of testing whether workers health is affected by exposure to hazards when doing work and helps to recognize early symptoms of ill-health or illness. Health monitoring will illustrate whether control mechanisms function efficiently.

Monitoring of structural health has emerged as an innovation that is revolutionising the engineering industry around the world. Structural health monitoring has been deemed imperative in only a few fields of application over the past few years. However, structural health control has been extended progressively across a wide variety of sectors in recent years. Monitoring structural health helps monitor infrastructural/engineering structures by assessing their condition through sensors for monitoring structural health and analysing the data obtained from the particular structure.

Moreover, technological developments, and the substantial availability as well as reduced cost of sensors are among factors promoting the growth of the global structural health monitoring market in terms of value.

Source: Future Market Insights Reports - Structural Health Monitoring Market

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Q: What is health monitoring?
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