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They Signal that a chemical is replacing the oxygen the user is breathing.

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Q: What is harmful about the feelings of excitement giddiness following the use of an inhalant?
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Which of the following is classified as an inhalant bronchodilator Theophyline Prednisone Salmeterol or Beclomethasone?

Theophylline Edit: Salmeterol is also a bronchodilator

What is the antidote for inhalant overdose?

There is no antidote or medications for inhalant overdose.

Amyl nitrite inhalant?

Yes, it can be used as an inhalant - was that what you wanted to know?

Is methamphetamine an inhalant?

yes cocaine is an inhalant.yes cocaine is an inhalant.

Is epinephrine an inhalant?


Is glue a narcotic drug?

Glue is categorized as an inhalant drug.

Is LSD is an inhalant?

No, LSD is not an inhalant, it is a psychedelic (hallucinogen). It is not volatile and thus cannot be administered by vapor inhalation.

What is the definition of Inhalant?

Something that you inhale.

Is reddi whip considered an inhalant?


What is an inhalant that is commonly sniffed?


Can you treat inhalant abuse?

Yes. I highly recommend both an in-patient and out-patient chemical-dependency program. Inhalant abuse is very serious.

Routes of administration of aerosols aerosol?