What is good sex?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Good sex consists of many things. For example, the two individuals are to be physically attracted to each other, both partners have to be emotionally (and mentally ready) for sexual intercourse.

Sex can be many things, some people like foreplay, for example, being rubbed or fingered. Girls like this, but this is different from the actual sex. Its only is you hear your girlfriend or boyfriend have an orgasm do you know that you are actually good in the bedroom department. But the best thing about sex and foreplay is when you experiment. So bringing food into the bedroom or giving your boyfriend a blow or fingering your girlfriend. Dancing naked and role play is always good. Basically be imaginative.

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Yes, do it with toys or men/women it feels good ;)

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If she swallows.

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Q: What is good sex?
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