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Ham became popular because it could be smoked (literally hung in smoke filled rooms after being soaked in brine (salt solution) fairly easily (This is how ham is 'cured') and preserved for long periods of time without having to be dried or cooked.

Other than that, nothing is good about ham. Of all the choices for protein, ham (and bacon) rank at the bottom. Bacon is so bad, it isn't even considered a protein food anymore by the FDA- it is classified as a fat.

Ham is sky high in nitrites and sodium. It may also contains other chemicals depending on the producer. Anyone with a cardiac, renal (kidney) or blood pressure problem is forbidden to eat ham as it puts a terrible stress on the body.

Pork is one of the worst meats one can consume. (Ham is a pork product). This is because when pigs eat, their systems are such that the food going in one end is rapidly processed in approximately 4 hours to come out the other. This means toxins and poisons in their food and water can't get processed out and end up in the muscle(meat) of the pig. Other animals such as cows, sheep and goats take far longer - up to 10x as long- to process their food. Cows chew and rechew their food and their meat is almost free of toxins. It is no wonder the Jewish and Muslim faiths prohibit eating pork as an unclean food - it is!

When one considers pigs really do wallow in mud (although modern producers have managed to keep pigs' food away from their necessary mud baths) ingesting the worms and worm eggs in the mud, one wonders why anyone would even think of eating these nasty animals.

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Q: What is good about ham What does it do for the body And what does it prevent?
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