What is foster family?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A foster family is when a child who is in a foster home is fostered. Children in foster homes are children who have parents that are too busy to look after them, ill with a serious illness or have died. People can foster a child and look after a child ( a bit like adopting) but most of the time their parents are still alive so the child can't be adopted but can be fostered. The children can still see their parents and people they met at their foster home.

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Q: What is foster family?
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What is a Foster family?

A foster family is the family of an adopted child.

How do you live with a family friend if your in foster care?

The family friend would need to apply for guardianship, or go through the training to be a foster family.

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Definition of a foster family?

Foster parents, are people, other than a kid's parents, who give a kid a safe place to live and grow. Foster parents take kids into their homes and take care of them for as long as kids need. Together, they become a foster family.

What is a sub family?

a sub family is like your step bfamily or your foster family

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What does foster family means?

foster means to promote the growth or development of; further; encourage: to foster new ideas. in the context of foster care, it means raising foster children (children who are wards of the state due to being orphaned or parents who cannot take care of them) in a group home or private home

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