What is formulary?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Here are the definitions for the word "formulary":

1. A book or other collection of stated and fixed forms, such as prayers. 2. A statement expressed in formulas.

3. A fixed form or pattern; a formula.

4. A book containing a list of pharmaceutical substances along with their formulas, uses, and methods of preparation.

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Q: What is formulary?
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The difference from generic formulary and non formulary?

What is the difference between formulary & non- formulary?

Provide some examples of non-formulary medications?

Non-formulary medications are dependent on your health insurance. Contact them for information of formulary and non-formulary medications

When was British National Formulary created?

British National Formulary was created in 2011-09.

List of drugs under Philippine national drug formulary?

philippine drug formulary

Why is crestor not on the formulary?

If your formulary was printed earlier than about 2003, Crestor hadn't been approved yet. If your formulary does not include brand names, it will be listed as rosuvastatin. If it's an an abbreviated formulary, they may have squeezed all the statins into one entry.

When was British National Formulary for Children created?

British National Formulary for Children was created in 2011-07.

How many pages does British National Formulary for Children have?

British National Formulary for Children has 864 pages.

Is topomax a non formulary drug?

A formulary is a listing of prescription drugs that a health plan covers, and as such, drugs that are on the formulary vary with the health plan. You would have to consult with the health plan to determine whether this drug is on it. Note that sometimes a generic version is on the formulary, but not the brand version, or vice versa.

Is nexium a formulary drug?


What is the ISBN of British National Formulary?

The ISBN of British National Formulary is 978-0-85369-981-1.

What does non-formulary brand name mean?

A formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are covered under a health insurance plan. A "non formulary brand name" is a brand name drug that is not in the formulary and may have different cost involved since it is not covered under the plan.

How do you know if a drug is formulary or non-formulary?

A formulary is a list of preferred medications that a committee of pharmacists and doctors deems to be the safest, most effective and most economical. Non-formulary medications have the highest copayments. If no generic alternative is available, talk with your doctor about choosing and prescribing the absolute best medication for YOU!