What is fly powder?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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[ Property ] The fly powder is white crystal powder without color and scent, which could easily dissolve in water while being not noticed. Effects could be seen in a few minutes after women who take it. Women would show pink red face with hurried breath and all-body heat and can not help making love with you. Women at this time are full of passion, wild and soft. This product, in the mean while, possesses the magic function of nourishing kidney.

[ Contents ] > 99.5%

[ Function ] Fly powder is the sex trigger for women's use without color and scent and could easily dissolves in water, drink or alcohol. In a few minutes after taking, women would have itchy feeling in their vagina and would feel tingle on the inside of leg with hurried heartbeat and more and more private parts secretion.

[ Precautions ] Forbidden for under ages, pregnant woman and people with cardiovascular diseases. This product is only for legal family couples and is forbidden to be used in other occasions.

[ Storage ] Sealed

[ Shelf life ] 2-3 years

[ Specification ] 1kg/20kg/50kg can be delivered (we can supply this product to you according to your requirement).

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by shylah e m:)

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Q: What is fly powder?
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Do moths need their powder to fly?

No. The powder is scales that cover the membrane of their wings. The powder itself is not used to fly, but it helps to protect the membrane underneath. Touching a moth or butterfly's wings will not prevent it from flying, as long as you are gentle.

Do butterflies have powder or dust on wing s to help fly?

Neither, it is their natural ability to fly.

Why don't your trout fishing flies sink fishing flies that have a density greater than water they do not float in other fluids with the same density as water?

Well, im the guy to answer this, a fly fisherman.You probably have dry flys. This means the fly you bought, was pre-tipped with a powder that makes the fly float. I'm guessing, the powder reacts with the "other fluids" creating a no longer floating fly.

What are the tiny powder blue bugs that look like they are furry and they fly?

i would also like an answer to this, exept they seem to be greenflies covered in a fine blue powder not unlike pollen, we caught one and had a look

Why is a bee unlikely to fly into a bud?

Because a bud have no yellow powder that we called pollen.

Can Dolomite powder be used as fly repellent?

I don't think so it's pretty much just a calcium supplement

When your ears pop is there a tiny bit of air that comes out?

yes but is really so small of air that when you put baby powder on your ear it wont fly off

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Bolt, scram, vapor, book, buzz, zoom, light-out, fly, run, exit-stage-right, take a powder, head out on the lam, make a run for it, trade space, get gone, go catch a fly, groove on

What happens to the Moth when its wings get wet?

When a moth's wings get wet, they become heavy and cannot function properly for flight. This makes it difficult for the moth to fly and escape from potential predators or unfavorable conditions. Additionally, the moisture can damage the delicate structures of the wings, affecting the moth's ability to survive.

What is snow capping when smoking marijuana?

Snow capping is when you think you can fly and you adorn a cape and jump off a..... No, I'm lying. Its lacing a joint with cocaine. or any powder, but usually coke..

How do you remove the powder from a powder horn?

To remove powder from a powder horn, you can gently tap or shake the horn to loosen the powder. Then, use a small brush or cloth to wipe out any remaining powder residue. Be careful to avoid using any sharp or abrasive objects that could damage the interior lining of the horn.

what can be dispersed by water?

Various substances can be dispersed by water, such as salts, sugars, dyes, and other soluble compounds. Additionally, small particles like soil, sediment, and pollutants can also be dispersed by water through erosion, sedimentation, or pollution.