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Identify five areas of cultural diversity

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Q: What is five areas of cultural diversity?
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When was Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity created?

Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity was created in 2001.

What causes cultural diversity?

what the cause of cultural deversity

What is ethnic cultural diversity is a source of strength for nigeria?

expatiate on how ethic cultural diversity should be a source of strength

What are the importance of understanding cultural diversity as it relates to conflict in the workplace?

Cultural differences can cause misunderstandings and conflict in the workplace. Understanding cultural diversity can prevent this.

How can you use the word cultural diversity in a sentence?

The country is split into many cultural regions.

What is the nickname of the country due to its cultural diversity in south Africa?

what is the nickname of the country due to its cultural diversity in south africa

How does cultural diversity arise within society?

Culture diversity is a result of different values and beliefs. Religion and location can also impact cultural diversity within societies.

Is cultural diversity good?


Which one of the following seems to better characterize the worldcultural commonality or cultural diversity?

The world can be best characterized by its cultural diversity other than the term cultural commonality.

How has cultural change in Australia changed products and services in the hospitality industry?

Cultural change in Australia has led to more acceptance of cultural diversity. This means that more restaurants in touristic areas offer halal meat than was the case previously.

Question using the words cultural diversity?

Is there more cultural diversity at a large, rural school or a smaller urban school? How does cultural diversity impact the educational experience? Is the music director planning a culturally diverse holiday program?

What is the definition of cultural diversity?

cultural diversity is being respectful to other cultures besides your own. Cultural diversity usually means a country where you have a lot of cultures living together in harmony. An exemplary country of cultural diversity is Canada.Diversity is the unification of cultures, providing reasons why we are more alike than dis-similar.