What is fish rich in?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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The nutrients in fish are Protein, and omega 3

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Aminco Acid

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Q: What is fish rich in?
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How rich was William the Conqueror?

he was as rich as a fish

A food rich in protein is?


What fish is rich in oil?


Fish is rich in which vitamin?

Fish Oil is enriched in Vitamin A, hence cooking of fish will not degrade the Vitamin A content.

Why a fishing bank is rich in fish?

the water is warm

Can fish live in iron-rich water?


Why could only the rich people in the medieval days only have fish?

Not true. Everyone ate fish.

What is the foodvalue of fish?

Fishes are a rich source of proteins and calcium.

Is fish eggs and meat rich in carbohydrates?

no they are high in protein

What is a rich cream soup usually made with fish or shellfish?

Chowder is a rich creamy soup that can have seafood as the main ingredient.

What are John Cabot achievements?

he found a rich area of fish of the coast of Canada

What fish grows in China?

in china the soil is so rich that you can plant any fish's ribs in it and a tree with fishes and blue flowers.