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To be the first one to ask the question.

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Q: What is first move in relationship?
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How do you make the first move in a relationship?

You have to be funny with her !

Who usually makes first contact in ex relationship?

Both the girl and the boy makes the first move in an ex relationship but i can tell you that im a girl and just came out of a relationship and he made the first mov

How is the relationship like when the woman makes the first move?

it will go great. The only reason she made the first move is cause you took to long

In a relationship who should make the first move male or female?

It really does not matter especially now adays. Guys and girls both make the first move quite equally.

How do you have a boy ask you out?

You can try flirting with him to let him know you'd like a relationship, and want him to make the first move.

Are some men and women addicted to the first few months of dating during the crush then move on when it evolves into a deeper relationship?

(Kind've a long question) but it kind of depends on how the relationship is going in the first few months. But i would say no

What you need in relationship?

Just move on.

How do you get over with a WRONG relationship?

move on

How can you build a relationship with a woman when you first told her you were single but actually had a girlfriend that you dumped immediately after hooking up with this new woman?

You can be truthful about it. Or just move on and start a real relationship with the new woman

What if your relationship is going well then you are forced to move on?

This begs the question, "If your relationship is going well, why would you have to move on?" A good relationship should be able to withstand just about any hardship. It is not the relationship that fails; it is one or both of the people in the relationship who give up.

Why are girls afraid of calling guys?

Shyness. Beside's we think the boys should make the first move. They normally have the upper hand in the relationship.

What is the first move you make when you get a gurlfreinds?

The first move you should make is to take things slow. Just show her that you care about her, see if she feels the same way about you, and see what happens after that. If you feel a spark, try to go a little farther in your relationship, but not toofar.