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Derived traits
Derived traits
Derived traits
which of the following are filling in on a cladogram?

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Q: What is filled in on a cladogram?
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How does a cladogram different from a pedigree?

A cladogram is a diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms, while a pedigree is a diagram that shows the genetic relationships within a family, typically used in human genetics to track inheritance of traits or diseases. Cladograms focus on evolutionary history, whereas pedigrees focus on familial relationships and genetic traits.

Does the cladogram organized by genetic information agree with the cladogram organized by anatimical features?

No; there are discrepancies between gentic cladogram and phenothopic cladorgram

Evolutionary relationships are displayed in a branching diagram called a?


How do starfish fit into the cladogram of invertebrates?

A starfish fits into the cladogram because invertebrates are being with exoskeletons or no skeletons at all it fits into the invertebrate part of the cladogram

Diagram based on derived characters?

I'm unable to create diagrams as I am a text-based AI. However, you can use software like Lucidchart or to create a diagram based on derived characters, which are unique traits that evolved in a specific group of organisms. Just list the characters unique to that group and indicate their evolutionary relationships on the diagram.

What is a sentence for cladogram?

6 of 9 oligo are shown on the cladogram with functionally related genes.

How is a cladogram used in classification?

A cladogram is used to sort species into different genus groups and classes.

If you have a chart that illustrates a series of species with their common ancestor?

Cladogram-In a cladogram a, clade is an evolutionary branch that includes a common ancestor together with all its descendant species.

What is an out group?

An out-group is the organism in a cladogram that is the starting point and usually does not have any common characteristics with the other organisms in the cladogram.

What is a visual aid that is a like a family tree and shows the phylogenic relationships of organisms?

Cladogram. Learn more at

What is a cladogram of birds?

A cladogram is kind of like a family tree showing evolutionary or taxonomic relationships between different taxa. A cladogram of birds would just show the relationships among birds. There are many species of birds, so a full cladogram would be enormous; normally cladograms are partial. Also see the Related Links for a partial cladogram of birds. Note that cladograms change as new discoveries are made.

What is a depicted on a cladogram?

its like a tree