What is far sided?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When you can't see near.

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Q: What is far sided?
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What is near-sided vision?

Near-sided vision is when you can see things close to you but not far away. You need glasses to see things far away. I know this because I am near-sided. Hope this helps you out.

Are concave lens for near sighted or far sighed?

im not sure. probably... far sided.

What does far sided mean?

Assuming you mean the astronomy term, that would be the opposite side of the moon - the part we don't see. Or, some may use "far sided" to mean farsighted which means being able to see better in the distance. The person can see objects that are far away but not near.

What is near sided?

Near sided is when you can see things that are near clearly and far images are very blurry people that have it need glasses we call these people 4-eyes or bug eyes

Can you show me pictures of four-sided shapes?

▀ █ □ - These 3 shapes are 4 sided and are special characters from a word-processing program. Pictures and graphics (as far as I know) can't be shown on Answers.

What does lioplerodon mean?

the meaning of the name is smooth sided teeth, as far as i know. and it was carnivorous, had a short neck.

What are the names 3 - 100 sides on a polygon?

triangle3 sided polygonquadrilateral4 sided polygonpentagon5 sided polygonhexagon6 sided polygonheptagon7 sided polygon (starts with s)heptagon7 sided polygon (starts with h)octagon8 sided polygonnonagon9 sided polygondecagon10 sided polygonhendecagon11 sided polygondodecagon12 sided polygontriskaidecagon13 sided polygontetrakaidecagon14 sided polygonpentakaidecagon15 sided polygonhexakaidecagon16 sided polygonheptakaidecagon17 sided polygonoctakaidecagon18 sided polygoneneeakaidecagon19 sided polygonicosagon20 sided polygon

Who did Japan sided with in World War 2?

Yes, Japan was by far Germany's most important ally in World War 2.

What is it called if you can not see objects up close clearly?

I don't really understand your question. However that means that you may need glasses. That is very normal and means that you're close sighted not far sighted like others which is okay. Just go to your eye doctor and they'll give you some prescription glasses. Thanks! =D

Given a triangle square and hexagon what is next?

We have the triangle (3-sided), square (or quadrilateral, 4-sided), pentagon (5-sided), hexagon (6-sided), heptagon (or septagon, 7-sided), octagon (8-sided), nonagon (9-sided) and decagon (10-sided) to get you started.

What are the largest number sides on a 2d shape?

well 2d is a erraciracasepatagon (30 sided) and 3d is isocadecacentagon (200) so far anyway

What is the name of 51-59 sided polygon?

The name of a 51 sided polygon is Pentaconhenagon. The name of a 52 sided polygon is Pentacondigon. The name of a 53 sided polygon is Pentacontrigon. The name of a 54 sided polygon is Pentacontetragon. The name of a 55 sided polygon is Pentaconpentagon. The name of a 56 sided polygon is Pentaconheptagon. The name of a 57 sided polygon is Pentaconhexagon. The name of a 58 sided polygon is Pentaconoctagon. The name of a 59 sided polygon is Pentaconenneagon.