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There is no such thing as evolution! There was no big bang that created the world, and creatures did not evolve! If there WAS a little ball that exploded and made the universe, where did the little ball come from?

GOD created the world, the solar system, and the entire universe! He created you and me, we didn't evolve!

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Q: What is evolutionary relationships between species?
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The number and structure of what can help to determine evolutionary relationships between species?

The number and structure of chromosomes help determine evolutionary relationships between species. Chromosome comparison helps to provide evidence of the relationships in a species.

Can behavioral differences between species help identify evolutionary relationships?


The number and structure of can help to determine evolutionary relationships between species?


Behavioral differences between species can help to identify evolutionary relationships.?


What organelles are used in investigating evolutionary relationships?

Mitochondria and ribosomes are the organelles useful in investigating potential evolutionary relationships. For example, mitochondria can be used to determine relatedness between individuals and species.

What is phylogeny?

I think you mean phylogeny. Phylogeny is the evolutionary history of a species or group of related species.

What is Phylogeny 1?

Evolutionary relationships among species and higher groups of species.

What is phylogenetics?

based on natural evolutionary relationships Answer Phylogenetics is the study of the closeness/relatedness of genetic codes.

Why is phylogeny sometimes called the foundation of taxonomy?

Phylogeny is considered the foundation of taxonomy because it provides the evolutionary relationships and relatedness between different organisms. By understanding these relationships, taxonomists can classify organisms into groups based on their shared ancestry and evolutionary history, forming the basis of the classification system in biology.

How do you determine the evolutionary relationships among species?

examining the fossil records.

Phylogeny refers to what aspect of individuals?

Evolutionary relationships

How is cladistics used to reveal evolutionary relationships between organisms?

Cladistics is a method of analyzing the evolutionary relationships between groups to construct their family tree.