What is ephedrine used for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ephedrine is the alkaloid of the herbal compound Ephedra. It should not be confused with Epinephrine (also known as Adrenaline).

Ephedrine has long been used as a weight loss product, and was for many years a staple additive to diet pills - taking it orally can lead to small increase in metabolism. It is no longer licensed for this use due to a number of dangerous side effects.

It is currently banned by all major sporting bodies as it has often been abused by athletes - taking it with aspirin and caffeine tablets (sometimes known as an 'ECA stack') is said to give a huge rush of energy, "blinding" the body to feelings of fatigue experienced during a workout or sprint.

A similar compound, Pseudoephedrine, is still found in many Cold & Flu and decongestant remedies.

Ephedrine is still used by doctors in patients during surgery: general anaesthetics can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure (known as hypotension). Ephedrine can counter this by increasing blood pressure.

This drug should only be used under the supervision of a doctor or suitably qualified medical professional. The reason it is no longer licensed as a diet supplement is that many dieters died after long term use of the drug. In the short term, it can cause 'the jitters' and anxiety, shivering, a racing pulse and a heart arrhythmia. It usually also causes a loss of appetite, and hence it prior use as a diet pill.

SPECIAL NOTE: Ephedrine should NEVER be used by people with high blood pressure (hypertension) as the additional increase in blood pressure caused by the drug could be fatal. It should also never be used by people who are obese or severely overweight - high blood pressure in this group of people carries far greater risk (including a stroke). If you have ANY sort of heart condition, the drug could cause a cardiac arrest (the heart will stop beating). Patients with Diabetes who take this drug are also likely to have a severe hypoglycaemic attack - ephedrine causes a rapid rush of stored glucose into the blood which will not be re-absorbed in diabetics.

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Q: What is ephedrine used for?
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How can you get ephedrine from oxygen tanks?

It is not possible to obtain ephedrine from oxygen tanks, as ephedrine is a different compound used for medical purposes such as decongestion and weight loss. Oxygen tanks contain pure oxygen used for respiratory support and should not be used for extraction of ephedrine.

Is ephedrine an acid or base?

Ephedrine is not an acid or a base. This is a stimulant used to aid with concentration, decongestant, appetite suppressant, and hypotension associated with anesthesia.

Why are medicated salt licks with ephedrine used on lamas?

They are not and never have been. Ephedrine is not found in medicated salt blocks.

Can Ephedrine be used in making of drugs?

no <><><><> It is used to make methamphetamines.

How many grams or ounces of ephedrine is used in each size of oxygen tanks?

The amount of ephedrine used in oxygen tanks depends on the concentration and volume of the tank. Concentrations typically range from 5-50 mg of ephedrine per liter of oxygen. For a standard-size tank of 660 liters, this would equate to 3.3-33 grams of ephedrine.

Can you order ephedrine?

Epheridrine is only used when recommended by a medical doctor.

Can you extract ephedrine from cattails?

Can you extract ephedrine from cattails

Why Feed dairy cows ephedrine?

They are not fed ephedrine.

Is there ephedrine in oxygen tanks?

No, ephedrine is not found in oxygen tanks. Oxygen tanks contain pure oxygen compressed into a cylinder for medical or industrial use. Ephedrine is a medication used to treat breathing problems such as asthma or bronchitis and is not typically found in oxygen tanks.

What are the medicinal uses for Ephedrine HCl?

In recent years, Ephedrine Hydrochloride has been used as a fat burner and weight reduction aid. Historically, it has been used to treat breathing conditions, as it expands the bronchial passageways. One of the side effects can be increased heart rate. One must use great caution when supplementing with Ephedrine HCl.

Does ephedrine affect hair?

no friend ephedra and ephedrine don't cause hair loss. ephedrine is made up of a chinese herb and it increases body temperature , alertness and blood pressure and thus helps reduce fat. side effects are vomitting , nausea , insomnia , headaches etc. ephedrine is also used to treat cold , asthma etc. so ephedrine does not cause hair loss. dht(di-hydro testosterone causes) hairfall. you can use rogaine or minoxidill for hair loss it really helps. but use ephedrine wisely.

How can you brew your own ephedrine?

you take your own ephedrine and brew it lol