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Q: What is easy to bend and not stiff?
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What not stiff and easy to bend?


Not stiff and easy to bend?

A word used to describe something as 'not stiff' and 'easy to bend' is the adjective pliable.Synonyms for the adjective 'pliable' are:flexiblepliantsupplemalleable

How come when I bend my penis when its stiff it hurts?

== When its stiff its full of blood which canno't escape. so when you try to bend it it will hurt even though there is no bone in it. The best thing is try not to bend it when you have a stiffy, wait until its gone down.

Is bronze easy to bend?

It is hard and brittle

What is the most you can fold a piece of paper in half?

Practically speaking, seven. After that it is too stiff to bend

Is nickel an easy to bend metal?

no it is not

Stiff item that is not easily bent?

a stiff item that is not easily bent is iron because it takes a long time and while you try to bend it it hurts your hands that is why it is not so easily bent.

pliable is something that can bend easy?

pliable is easy to blend something

Why are metals easy to bend?

because they have the characteristic that they are malliable

What are the release dates for Girlfriends - 2000 A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find 3-17?

Girlfriends - 2000 A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find 3-17 was released on: USA: 24 February 2003

Is silverware as easy to bend and dent as stainless steal tableware?

Yes and No depending on the pureness of the silver. The more pure the easier it will bend the less pure the harder it will bend.

Which animals bend that have skeletons or without skeletons?

2 easy rlly. the answer is .........