What is duchebag?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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whats is a duchebag

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Q: What is duchebag?
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What is lebron jameses brothers name?

Did not have a brother duchebag!

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You do mean, "Deuce Bag" And it's origin is the Latin word "Deuce", which means time, but. that has nothing to do with that term, The term "Deuce Bag" is an Insult, technically calling you an "Idiot" or "Moron" or even some times a "Dumb A#$"

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well its actually quiet difficult 2 b written all down plus if i did i might get hurt its a guy thing like that lol but rly most of the code is madeup as we go along an theres differences that deppend on the people some guys go by certain codes an othrs don't im sry that i couldent rly help bud but the main parts of guy code always followed r best frnds don cheat with ur gf don get caught wif ur pants down(don ask ... u don wanna kno -_-") don rat a cheater(most guys do just 2 get the grl) if u rly love her more than anyone else protect her as much as u can don b a duchebag with a grl ur frnd likes or u get beatdowndibbs: which is bassically-i get her an u wait 2 c if she don like me then its ur shot oh an one guys use as a last resort in relationships is buddy system i had 2 use this b4 uc it goes like this u date a grl an u mess up but u rly luv her u get ur bestfrnd 2 date her an well shes with ur bud an u trust him because hes close 2 u an cant get 2 close with out u knoing an when ur redy u try 2 get her back ... if hes taken advantage of the time though ... well its us guys so wat else but BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!!! an if ur readin this demitri ima kill u 4 takin her ......o_o umm my bad still kinda mad at him............ movin on.... well look umm im sry but that's all i kan rly giv cha bud hope this helps a lil atleast an PS im not crazy just got back from a partay an am a lil hyper ... i won mad money by winnin an energy drink chugin contest lol X3 w/e bie an good luck ohh pss i should kno cuz yes i am a guy u wont bleave howmany ppl think im a grl when i type -_-""" its sad an mean T^T