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Lust knows only one dimension - the sexual dimension. love is the whole package that includes the physical, mental, psychological, spiritual and emotional part of being human.

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Q: What is dimensionality of love and lust?
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What is basic difference between love and lust?

love and lust. love is affection and lust is just for the sex

If lust is a sin and lust is a part of love doesn't that make love part sin?

Lust is not love. Lust is for pure pleasure, but only for yourself. It doesn't always have to do with sexual actions.

How do you romance with girl?

Learn Love first....experience it through Salvation from Jesus Christ.... When you are saved and has experienced true love from the Creator of love then would you know what true love is ..... Love is unconditional Lust is conditional Love is based on character Lust is based on beauty Love is a decision Lust is playing on feelings Love is shared Lust is only to one person Love is forever Lust is temporary Love is needed lust is not needed but is in the nature Love needs to be learned an developed Lust is natural.... When you are matured enough then you would know the right time....

Use lust in a sentence?

"I am undecided if I am in love or lust with you"

How can you tell love from lust?

if you only like someone for looks and nothing else it's lust but if you know them, like their personalities, like their looks then it might just be love (: <3 Answer Lust is purely physical. Love is not. I think when you love someone you can also have lust for them but it is additional to the love and not in place of love.

When was Love or Lust - album - created?

Love or Lust - album - was created on 2011-04-19.

Are there different types of love?

Yes I think so...there is lust and there is true love. Lust is sexual and true love is well love...truelly.

What are some emotions that begin with the letter L?

· loathing · loneliness · love · lust

What is the definition of lust and love?

Lust is a physical need for something or for someone whereas love is an emotional need for it or them

Can you separate lust from love?

you can seperate love from lust but if you put it together that make a really good relationship

What if you fall in love with someone's husband?

Its called lust & lust is a sin

What one word means greater than love?

Lust Lust