What is digital pitting?

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The digital pitting scar is a common clinical feature in patients with progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS). Its pathogenesis is unclear, but it may result in small ulcerations. The clinical and histological features of these lesions are poorly understood. Eighty-seven patients with PSS were examined at least once per year. Pitting scars were defined as pinhole-sized digital concave depressions with hyperkeratosis. They were seen in 34 cases (39%) and were located not only on the tips of the fingers, but also on the sides, especially on the radial border of the index and middle finger and the ulnar side of the thumb, where they had a linear arrangement. Additional pitting scars were noticed on the dorsal surface of the proximal interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints. Pitting was closely associated with several signs of PSS, e.g. Raynaud's phenomenon, skin thickening or articular involvement (e.g. stiffness, swelling, pain). There was no relationship between the number of pitting scars and the duration of PSS. Biopsy samples were taken of the lesions on the lateral sides of fingers in 3 patients. Histologically, there was a plug-like hyperkeratosis with parakeratosis, homogenized collagen fibers and slight perivascular mononuclear cell infiltration. Calcification and altered collagen fibers were observed in the deep dermis. Although pitting scars of the fingertips may be different from those of the lateral sides of the fingers, both histologically and pathogenetically, they were similar clinically. The scar locations on the fingertips and finger joints (proximal interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal) suggest that exogenous trauma, vibration injury and/or cold exposure may play a role in their pathogenesis.

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Q: What is digital pitting?
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How do you assess pitting edema?

Pitting edema is edema severe enough to leave a dent when pressed with a finger. Pitting edema is assessed by pushing gently with a finger and evaluating the response. Mild is a one plus, moderate is a two plus, deep is a three plus, and very deep is a four plus.

What is gross edema?

In medicine and nursing the term "gross" is intended to mean "big as seen by the naked eye". Edema has two types: regular "edema" and "pitting edema". "Pitting" edema is when I press my finger onto the edema and when I remove my finger, the skin stays pressed in, it it "pitting". Typically, edema should be measured, with a measuring tape, rather than using a subjective word like "gross" (i.e. big). What looks "big and obvious" to me may look different to you. So, especially in pitting edema, we use +1, +2, +3 -- OR-- we use a measurement and measure both sides, say both ankles, for comparison. If one ankle measures 15inches and the other measures 17.2 inches, that shows one angle is much more swollen than the other. One tip: Doctors are more apt to use words like "gross edema" or "grossly obese". Nurses measure more than doctors.

Is Corneal abrasion a pitting of the cornea caused by an infection or injury?

Injuries are most common and can be caused by physical, chemical, and radiation causes. Infection can be a cause but is much rarer. Regardless, a qualified ophthalmologist should be consulted.

What is relationship between informaton technology and the digital revolution?

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Are you dehydrated if you push your thumb on your thigh and it turns white?

The test for dehydration is pinching the skin and letting it go. If it stays up, like a tent, you are likely dehydrated. The best testing spot is on the back of the arm above the wrist. Pressing the skin tests for 2 things: return of color for how well blood flows into the area; and for "pitting edema" when the skin stays pressed in when there is swelling. Skin naturally "turns white" when pressed but returns to pink (or red if pressed too hard) within seconds of being released. "Pitting edema" is assessed on a scale of 1 to 3 and is based on how fast the skin spings back up in an area with obvious swelling. The edema test is typically done on the ankles, lower legs, and tops of feet since this is where most swelling occurs. True pitting edema only occurs in persons with kidney or heart ailments or impaired circulation to the lower extremities.

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Is it pitting or non pitting pedal oedema in filariasis?

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What is the pitting potential give examples of factors which influence the value of the pitting potential?

Pitting potential is the potential where the pitting start and this is noticed when the current is suddenly increased that also mean below this value, now pitting corrosion will initiate Many parameters can effluence the pitting potential such as Temperature, halides ions, surface finishing of the alloy and also state of the electrolyte , is it flowing or stagnant.

What is nonpitting edema?

Non-pitting edema is a type of swelling. Pitting edema occurs when the swollen area is pressed and remains indented. The indentation does not occur with non-pitting edema.

What is pitting oedema?

Pitting edema is a swollen area that will give when pressed and retain a depression for a minute , or so.

What causes destructive gear pitting?

Pitting= Too high surface pressure on gear or lack of lubrication

What is pitting in engineering?

Pitting is when there are small holes starting to appear in steel often caused by corrosion/rust

What is the main term in pitting edema?


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Frog pitting is a procedure used to kill frogs at ethical standards required by organizations in order to conduct research on animals

How is pitting corrosion form in pump?

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Can pneumonia cause pitting edema in legs?


How do you assess pitting edema?

Pitting edema is edema severe enough to leave a dent when pressed with a finger. Pitting edema is assessed by pushing gently with a finger and evaluating the response. Mild is a one plus, moderate is a two plus, deep is a three plus, and very deep is a four plus.

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